Best Places To Live In Hampshire

Best Places To Live In Hampshire



Not only that, but Winchester has its fair share of spooky happenings too, due to the legends of King Ecgberht, a Saxon monarch who was killed in 839 AD. The saintly King was believed to have built Winchester Cathedral on the site of a synagogues ruins. This apparently displeased Jews who spread a rumour that within three days of his death, the king would rise from his burial place and slay his wife. Three days after his burial he did just that.

Winchesters reputation as a haunted place is said to date back a long time, Hampshire Local ( The history of Winchester has seen the town witness many significant events in British history from William the Conquerors Anglo-Norman invasion to the trials of King Alfred The Greats daughter, Alfreda. As well as royalty, Winchesters inhabitants boast a number of famous names including Charles Dickens who spent his retirement there. Theres also the notable John o Groats, the man reputedly immortalised by Robert Louis Stevenson in his work Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Winchester is also a thriving and friendly city, with a diverse community. Winchester has a fantastic range of amenities, restaurants, amusements and shops. There are lots of brilliant places to live in the city like Queen Anne House. This recently modernised apartment complex provides 7 minutes journey time from the train station. You can find further options for flats like Queen Anne House on our property page. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty proud of Winchester.

With its population of over 40,000 people and its picturesque surroundings of parkland, the River Itchen, and the South Downs not to mention it has been voted Britains happiest place to live in 2019 you really can’t beat Winchester. Boris Johnson and Theresa May have been holding a press conference about the UK's exit from the European Union. Good morning. Hampshire residents are set to find out how the result of a Government review into the tier system will impact them.


For most city dwellers, it seems like there are always those friends that you have to nag until they visit. Perhaps it was the time when you tried returning a lost wallet to an out-of-towner, or maybe its been since college, but its those long-lost friends who maybe havent lived in the same place for years that you want to visit. If youre interested in catching up with expats and old friends who may be coming home for a special occasion (or just looking for another reason to get away), Southampton is just one of many options on the south coast of England which is full of charm and history.

If you like the countryside and you like being by the sea, but you also want to be able to walk to a great city with a buzzy nightlife, then Southampton is definitely for you. The seaside location promises days spent in sun, sea, sand and fresh air. But when the day is coming to an end, Southampton is the perfect city to go out, relax and have fun in. Its vibrant nightlife scene promises everything from clubs to restaurants.

Southampton is also known as the city of sense and the site natural beauty. It is a living, vibrant districts with excellent schools and a variety of schools. Southampton offers variety of properties in a wide range of price ranges. Some areas offer Victorian terraces, while others property large, family houses set in attractive grounds. Prices range between £134,995 up to £2. 7 million. Good morning. Hampshire residents are set to find out how the result of a Government review into the tier system will impact them.


The sun shines more than many people realise with over 1,000 hours of sunlight each year. Thanks to its situation on the south coast, nowhere in the UK is further from London and as a result, Portsmouth benefits from being an alternative to city life. Despite its size, Portsmouth still retains more than enough things to do for families and couples alike, making it perfect if you’re looking to leave London behind but don’t want to escape all of the action.


Eastleigh is a large town with an estimated population of about 75,000 people living in urban style apartments or well-appointed houses close to heavy industry and transport links. Since the town centre is undergoing redevelopment, the area has become more attractive and the town offers a wide range of shops and restaurants, as well as modern office and industrial units. There are also plenty of parks in the area for families, offering safe places to play.

Eastleigh has an excellent record of offering affordable homes to people at the lower end of the market, as well as individuals looking for spacious, attractive properties that they can purchase outright. Eastleigh prides itself on providing excellent schools and educational facilities. The town’s schools are known as ‘Educational Output Areas’ or EOAs and there are two primary EOAs, one non-denominational and the other Roman Catholic.   There are six secondary schools in Eastleigh, which perform well in national league tables.

One of the best rated is The Beehive School located just to the north of the town. Eastleigh has a long established history, first emerging as a small village in Saxon times. Kept safe by the surrounding Southampton Water, it escaped the Great Fire of 1675 which devastated much of Winchester. In 1916 Eastleigh became part of Hampshire County Council, and the ancient market town grew rapidly due to the increase in demand for houses after World War II.

Eastleigh is ideally located for anyone working in the City of Winchester, Southampton or Fareham, with the town being within an hour’s commute to any of these three towns. It’s also within easy reach of the New Forest and Isle of Wight for day trips and offers a wide range of shopping and leisure opportunities. With easy access to Southampton and Winchester, Eastleigh also offers its residents excellent transport links with the M3 and A33 close by.

Eastleigh is a true microcosm of Hampshire, offering easy access to some of the most stunning countryside in the county whilst retaining modern amenities. A walk along the waterfront is a must for anyone visiting Portsmouth. This 4km walk along the banks of the Solent affords visitors views of Portsmouth's attractive harbor. The Royal Marines Museum, with its accompanying parade grounds, is an exciting addition to any visit to Portsmouth as well. With that said, there are plenty of attractions away from the water that should not be missed.


Fleet  is a town located upon the confluence of three rivers, The Fleet, the Beaulieu and the Hart. It lies in the north-eastern part of Hampshire and has a population of 36,500, making it the 42nd largest settlement in Hampshire. The name 'Fleet'came about due to the nature of the riverbeds in that area, forming an ideal mooring for boats, creating a 'fleet'of vessels. So whilst there are comparable towns nearby such as Farnborough and Aldershot, Fleet remains a relatively small town packed with enough charm to rival most others that are much larger in size.

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