Birmingham To Hampshire

Birmingham To Hampshire


What companies run services between Birmingham, England and Hampshire, England?

There are a number of airports, coach and train services companies that offer prices such as £50 £66, 400 470, 1h 34m.   The average price for the journey is about £78. The lowest price I could find was 400 470, but depending on when you book this price can rise to £66; potentially saving you 3%. If you are looking to travel by car, it will take 6h 22m to drive 325 miles from Birmingham New Street to Basingstoke.

The distance between Birmingham New Street and Basingstoke is 211 miles, Hampshire Local ( You can also take the train from Birmingham New Street to Portsmouth Harbour every 3 hours. Tickets cost 85-260 and the journey takes 2h 44m. There are 4 operators that run a train from Birmingham New Street to Basingstoke every 3 hours. Two'of these operators are listed below. train from Birmingham New Street to Basingstoke every 3 hours. Tickets cost 55-170 and the journey takes 2h 5m.

You can also take the train from Birmingham to Basingstoke. Tickets cost 25-85 and the journey takes 1h 13m. Having been allocated £1. 5m in funding to improve the quality of life for people living within Hart district, Hart District Council has started rolling out new initiatives. The initiative currently being rolled out in Fleet is fleet. The fleet app will bring great improvements to the local area and has already started to create a buzz within the community.

Travelling to the UK: What do I need to know?

Packs of British vandals and loving cups of English Breakfast tea aside, visiting the UK can be a great trip. Whether it’s through a whirlwind weekend or a longer trip, this vast country has something for everyone. The weather might be rainy but there’s plenty to do. London is one of my favorite cities that has everything from history to modern museums and great pubs. Don’t forget about the countryside and its picturesque villages, oceanside spots and rolling hills.

I was in the fortunate position of receiving a free trip to the UK, courtesy of some family members, one year. Of course, when that time came around I was overjoyed — but I also found myself with a million questions. Where would we stay? What about food? Would I be able to find my way around without getting lost?. ‘Where do I catch the bus to Penge?’ ‘Which tube lines will take me to Paddington?’ These are just two of countless questions we ask when travelling to-from the UK.