Covid School Closures

Covid School Closures



Important Due to the rising COVID-19 rates, schools may need to adjust what they can offer based on available staff. We have advised schools to prioritise education for vulnerable pupils and children of keyworkers. You can see the latest list of school closures below or get this information directly from your school. Many schools will have enough staff to be open. We have updated the ‘coventry. gov. uk’ website to reflect the current school closure situation.

Schools have been assessed and rated in terms of their capacity to deliver an acceptable service, with most schools determined to be delivering a good service at this time, Hampshire Local ( Information is reflected based on the provider type (state schools or academies). All schools remain open, but those with fewer than four teaching staff will be closed from midday to 3pm. This is not a comprehensive list and we are continuously working through remaining schools. For more information on school closures consult the school directly or the council website.

The importance of every school being open was emphasised today by local authorities, and even the head of the Department for Education, as many schools across the country will remain closed tomorrow due to high levels of staff sickness. We have received confirmation from the Department for Education that the strike action announced by ASCL and the NUT is national and will therefore affect schools in Hackney. The full list of school closures can be found here.