What Tier Is Hampshire In

What Tier Is Hampshire In


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Before we go for the evening though I would like to remind you of a couple of important things. If you are in any doubt about whether you should be using the Fire Service 999 system, get advice first either from your GP or by calling 111. It could save lives. The severe weather warning for the area covering Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and all of East Hampshire is now at level 3 which means the public should take action to protect themselves and/or their properties.

The day started with a shoot at a church in Southsea which a few people have got in touch about we are going to try and find out details of this and let you know when we get them, Hampshire Local (hampshirelocal.co.uk). We will continue to provide live coverage from our reporters and cameramen, so please come back and refresh this page regularly as we update on events throughout the night. The BBC weather site is saying that the winds will die down at about midnight but we'll stay up a bit longer to be sure.

 Hopefully we'll get to sleep around 1am. We will be back in a few hours for the morning update thank you all for following us. I'm not sure if no one ever really knows the true story or if I just missed it along the way in life so I decided to do a little investigating. The island is believed to have been occupied by man since at least the last ice age. But where did the name Isle of Wight come from?.

Portsmouth North MP releases video to constiuents

Portsmouth North is a constituency which is close to my heart. Thousands of people live here and are passionate about their community and their area.   I'm incredibly proud to represent them here in Portsmouth North. Despite the challenges facing the UK, including the Government's decision to move Portsmouth into Tier 3 of the new migration system, we continue to make headway in our area and have a lot to celebrate. I'm delighted with this short video which my team have put together – it highlights the many ways in which we will support everyone in Portsmouth as we move forward into 2018.

In a video released to constituents through the Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt's website, she explains the Tier system used by the Home Office to rate police forces and their communities on factors such as; priority for Government funding for the police, response times to 999 calls, levels of public satisfaction, overall confidence in neighbourhood policing and the ability to tackle serious and organised crime. Tier 3 are the largest areas, with over 800 000 households eligible to receive a lower level of broadband service.

According to the government, no homes at all will receive full fibre. Portsmouth North’s move into Tier 3 is due to the fact that Openreach does not yet have access to existing street cabinets within the constituency. Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt, has been explaining why the area has moved into Tier 3. In a video posted on her YouTube channel she explained that the tax-free child benefit introduced by the previous government was the biggest factor, but there are other reasons for why Portsmouth sits in the bottom 5% most deprived areas.

Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt, has released a video to her constituents explaining why the area has moved into Tier 3. Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt, has explained why the area has moved into Tier 3. Following a recent article in the  Rural Business Times regarding the future of the county's network of five library buildings in Winchester, Basingstoke and Fareham, leader of HCC Keith Mans has released a statement. The Leader of Hampshire County Council, Cllr Keith Mans, has released a statement.

When do Tier 3 rules come into force?

The move from Tier 2 to Tier 3 has been rolled forward by a week for Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant in an attempt to ease their passage. In order to stay in the division next season they will need 50 per cent of the votes from the bottom 10 clubs. There are still three clubs that are undecided, which means they could swing either way, but one of those is thought likely to come out in favour of keeping them down at the bottom table.

The council is first going to busy itself with applying the rules in some areas of the city. So which areas will be affected? The Daily Echo has a handy answer for you, but that doesn't help you if you don't live there. We've put together a map of the Portsmouth and Gosport area to show you where exactly those starting their journey in Tier 3 at midnight on Friday will end up. The government has tweeted that the new rules will be applied in Exeter, Nuneaton, and Portsmouth on Sunday.

They are telling people to claim online. There is no information about other areas. From Thursday, I suppose the various authorities will choose different dates.  Once they are in Tier 3 they will not move out until their share of the DLA budget has run out. Just to clarify, as there’s been a bit of confusion, I think I should just make it clear at the start: if you live in Portsmouth, Gosport or Havant and follow this blog, then (with the exception of my posts for those areas) everything else that follows only applies to your area during periods in which Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant are in Tier 3.

When Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant were first assigned Tier Three status by the government more than two years ago, there were warnings that trading standards officers would be given greater powers to seek out and punish an ever wider range of offences. From the beginning of next week Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will switch to Tier 3 – and in doing so they will be tackling the overcrowded streets issue head on. A statement from a representative of Hampshire County Council.

Portsmouth South MP gives his reaction

I’m very pleased that Portsmouth is being offered a new higher education and health physics partnership between the universities and HMNB.  This is a really exciting opportunity for the area and I’ve been working hard over the past 9 months to build a support base for this bid and to raise its profile, as well as working with employers to identify their skills needs. The Tier 3 consultation has been a matter of massive importance to Portsmouth and to the whole country.

The strength of feeling about it was clear from the number of residents who wrote to their MPs making the case for Portsmouth. Now that it’s ended, I want to thank everyone who made contributions. ". "It's disappointing that my constituency could see such a decreased number of visas being issued. It's also extremely worrying because Portsmouth remains one of the highest unemployment blackspot areas in the country. "I'm delighted that we have won additional government investment in Portsmouth.

What does Tier 3 mean for the whole of Hampshire?

There is a lot of confusion about the whole tier thing. So I’ve gone into this blog to explain how the tiers apply to Hampshire as whole. On top of that I’ve highlighted some other changes which are coming into play at the end of January. There has been a lot of back and forth with the traffic engineers on different forums, so no doubt this blog will get updated as time goes on and if things change.

Between now and January 2018, the following councils will be ‘T3’, tier three. These councils will see Hampshire cut up into different tiers. Each tier is defined on income, measured against the national average for that area. The lower the tier number, the more need there is for money to support people in that area. Just a week from going into effect and now we're finding out what these tiers mean for the whole of Hampshire.

Latest infection rates for Hampshire

Hampshire has seen a huge rise in the number of people being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection, new figures from Public Health England have revealed. Patients in Portsmouth, Havant and Gosport are among the worst-hit by chlamydia, with an average of 4,051 cases per 100,000 people – the highest rate. See full story here: hampshirelocal.co.uk. I’m going to list the top three towns and cities in Hampshire with the highest infections. I’ve also included infection rates for surrounding villages which, while not making it into the top three, are worth noting.

A study by the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust has revealed some worrying results, showing Hants County has some of the worst infection rates amongst its population. Hampshire is making some real progress in the fight against disease, following a big rise in vaccination for under-fives this year. Recent infection rates have been released for Hampshire, showing the highest and lowest numbers in different boroughs and cities. Tier 3. what does it mean for the whole of Hampshire? What tier is your postcode going to be put into?.

Check which tier your part of Hampshire is in

Time to get out your pencils.  Over the past year the Government has spent £6. 7 bn on free schools, academies/city technology colleges and studio schools.  As part of that expansion we have seen the number of mainstream secondary school places in Hampshire rise by just 0. 1% (to reach 89. 2%).  The figure is actually worse for Junior Infants and Reception classes where on average there has been only a 0. 01% increase in places  across the county (reaching 89.

4%). Last week I went to have a look at my new local library. Before and after I got married I had lived in Newbury, but since then I’ve moved further west into Hampshire. So as soon as I noticed the sign on my local library advertising its opening hours, which were different from Newbury’s, I wondered what other differences there might be between blocks of tiers within Hampshire. Hampshire is different from the rest of the country because it has been divided into English council areas since 2013.

Previously councils were divided into districts and boroughs. This system was created back in 1974, after the Local Government Act 1972 came into force and changed how local authorities were run. For those who do not know, we have just got a new government that have promised to get rid of tier as soon as possible.  Hampshire uses to have 15 tiers, and it is now has 9 tiers with the total number of council seats 144.

 The map below should help you find out which tier your part of Hampshire is in. Hampshire is continuing to develop as one of the fastest growing counties in the country. With the population set to increase by 50,000 people over the next ten years, we have a huge amount of work to do to make sure our communities are resilient and equipped for growth. It's clear the city has a bright future and this deal brings it closer.

Portsmouth FC respond to Tier 3 announcement

Around 1,200 supporters attended yesterday's AGM at Fratton Park to hear the final decision on whether Portsmouth Football Club would be allowed to play in the Professional Development League next season. The board revealed that it was not possible for Portsmouth to play in the Football League development league and reassured fans that they were not going to drop out of the football pyramid completely. You might have heard by now that Portsmouth Football Club will no longer be playing in the Championship.

Instead, they’ll be playing six miles away in North East Hampshire in our new tier three stadium, The Henley's Stadium. Here, the club will be able to see all of their hard work pay off and finally achieve everything they deserve. Portsmouth Football Club has this morning responded to the news that the club will be classed as a Tier 3 team for the 2018/19 season. The most important change is that the club's home attendances for next season will now be capped at 2,600 in line with other teams currently playing in League Two this season.

Portsmouth Football Club has decided to respond to the news that under the new proposals of funding to the English lower leagues, without any parachute payments, Pompey will be playing against full-time teams when they drop down from the Championship. Portsmouth Football Club have responded to the announcement by the Football League which means that from next season they will no longer be a Championship club. Rather, they will be competing in League One as part of the newly formed Tier 3.

Three areas to move into Tier 3

Tier One area is what most people would refer to as a holiday destination. Tier Two areas are more second home destinations some, but not all are coastal – places where you might invest if you can’t afford to live there full-time, or spend your weekdays there and commute to London for work.   If some of these places still feel far off, others by virtue of their size, or place, may be well within your grasp.

 To help you get your head around the changes most agents have created map of the areas affected (the Council has also put together an online map which you can find here. ). On Friday, the Big 12 will announce that it is rescinding it's 2nd and 3rd tier rights from the conference. Tier 1 is made up of the market areas where each school is located. Tier 2 is historically significant, so in the case of Kansas State, Iowa State, and Kansas, they will retain their rights in Omaha.

Tier 3 was really just a replacement for less desirable areas like Idaho, Wyoming, and Bakersfield. These new changes were meant to help close the pie slice once the MWC rejoined the Big XII. The government's new national planning policy framework is about to put three of the UK's most vibrant regions into Tier 3, which would heavily restrict housing and population growth. Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield are currently in the second grouping, meaning they can grow by 20 per cent.

That is due to end this year. They are to be reclassified as areas of outstanding national beauty (AONBs) or "rocks in the stream", with only a 2 per cent growth ceiling. Not mentioned in the story, but sources have told us that at least two large cities and a few other areas are likely to move into Tier 3.  We have prepared an updated list of Tier 3 counties.  This list is important because while some counties are repeated from Tier 2 (which has its own issues), most aren't.

Hancock confirms Christmas easing still goes aehad

People will be driving around the streets of Britain this Christmas with open containers of alcohol thanks to Matt Hancock. The Chancellor has announced that the temporary legislation that enabled pubs, bars and restaurants to sell alcohol at variable times over Christmas would be extended on a permanent basis. The Financial Secretary to the Treasury has confirmed that the Christmas easing will still be going ahead, despite the recent wet weather. It comes as a huge relief to many parents, who were concerned that their children would have fewer presents waiting for them under the tree.

It was back in November when Matt Hancock announced at the Conservative Party Conference that from December 1st, motorists who were caught over the alcohol limit would initially be let off with a warning. Hancock, the Transport Minister, said that there would be reduced restrictions on driver hours over the Christmas period. It means that hauliers will have more flexibility when something goes wrong. The executive director of The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has expressed his pleasure that the Christmas release for lorries is still going ahead as planned.

Hancock also confirmed that the restrictions would not be in place over Easter. So where in the world are they making cuts on Tier 3?. Three areas have moved in to Tier 3. Portsmouth Football Club are saddened by the news that a number of changes to match day capacity will be introduced, as part of the Football League's new licensing regulations. ". Stephen Morgan, Labour MP for Portsmouth South has spoken out against the visa restriction on non-EU students.

New tier restrictions to come in from Saturday

On Saturday (December 19) the South Central Ambulance Service will introduce its final phase of new vehicle tier restrictions. This means that cars, vans and light goods vehicles only under 3. 5 tonnes will now be restricted between 5am and 10pm, seven days a week to one of 12 specified tiers covering the Portsmouth, Havant and Gosport areas as well as the Isle of Wight. As of this Saturday, the tier system will see two new classes established Tier 3 and 4.

The tiers are designed to prevent low-earning landlords from operating in the city without permission. The changes will bring the total number of tiers to nine, from the current seven, and will include 10 clubs – including Newcastle Falcons and London Irish – in Tier 1. While we have been warning all tier 4 and 5 clubs about this move for a year, it is understandable that this will be an unwelcome surprise. Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will move into Tier 3 from 0.

Some areas of Hampshire to move into Tier 3

The move of Portsmouth (along with Gosport and Havant) into Tier 3 is a harsh blow for the area. It will be yet another factor discouraging people from living in the city, and making it more difficult to get a job. As someone that has lived in Portsmouth for over 10 years, I am disappointed at this decision, which seems to have been based purely on politics and not the full facts. The UK has a tier system for the reporting of measles infection.

The Department of Health and Social Care has said that areas who have ongoing outbreaks will move into Tier 3 as of Sunday 1st February at 5am. This means that some areas of Hampshire will be in Tier 3. Matt Hancock made the announcement in a press conference this morning. "I can confirm that Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant have reached the threshold of 300 suspected cases during an 8 week period," said Matt Hancock. Some areas in Hampshire will be moving into Tier 3 this weekend, on Monday 28th April as part of an emergency plan developed by the government to curb the spread of Ebola.

Well this is breaking news, isn’t it? On a parliamentary visit, Matt Hancock confirmed that Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will be moving into Tier 3 from 6th November. It has just been announced by Matt Hancock (Secretary of State for Health) that some areas of Hampshire will move into Tier 3 this weekend due to a shortage of GPs. 01am on Saturday. Site-wide rules are: Portsmouth – 3, Gosport – 4, Havant – 7. '.

Short delay from planned start time

The inquest has been adjourned as the coroner's officer suffered a technical difficulty with his laptop. He is trying to fix it as quickly as possible but says that "it may be some minutes rather than seconds". A short delay is expected from the planned start time of 11. 30am for what is the very first press conference by Sir Bradley Wiggins since he won the Tour de France in 2012. There is a short delay in the giving of the statement it was due to be at 11.

Matt Hancock expected imminently

Within the next 20 minutes he could be officially announced as the new Health secretary. As of now there is no official confirmation that Matt Hancock will be taking on this role but if you head over to the Department of Health's website then it states that Matt Hancock is expected to make a major health statement imminently. If you look at Matt Hancock's Twitter account, it's been known for a while that he has been meeting with the Prime Minister and Theresa May so he could be included in her cabinet reshuffle.

Matt Hancock, the new Secretary of State for Health, has finally been confirmed. It had been expected he would make a statement imminently, but so far nothing. Matt Hancock is expected to be making a statement imminently. But speculation suggests that it won’t be about his long-awaited Digital Services Tax. Matt Hancock will be making a statement imminently.  There have been press reports that the Digital Economy Bill is expected imminently. Matt Hancock is the new Culture Secretary.

Want to know where your nearest vaccination centre is? Use our interactive tool below (but remember you will be contacted about receiving a vaccination)

There has been an enormous rise in the number of measles cases this year. Our interactive tool below shows the nearest vaccination centres to you the lot you’re most likely to have been sent. Our tool will work out the postcode you have entered is within a certain distance of our vaccination centres and contact details will appear below. "Everyone should be informed about the diseases that are circulating and take steps to understand the risks" Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.

Vaccine Finder   is an interactive tool giving you the ability to search for a flu vaccine and find your nearest vaccination centre. And this means he should be making his first major speech imminently. The Cabinet Office minister has likely been told to appear in the Commons at 3. 30pm  today. 30am but has not yet got under way. The Aileen Campbell statement has now got under way in a room in the Scottish parliament.

What time is the tier announcement?

Tomorrow (May 15th), Health Secretary Matt Hancock will announce which tier each part of England will be in for Christmas. My experience tells me that some areas are already in Tier 3 or 4, but because these announcements are not made public there is no way to know how bad it is for Xmas in any area. What we can be certain of is that the waiting time figures will continue to rise, even to 2-3 years long as more and more people fall ill over winter due to the bitterly cold weather/flu and already overstretched services, leading to a situation where people are unable to get medical treatment due to lengthy waiting times.

The overall effect on society this winter will be greater spread of disease (secondary care) and social. The confirmation of which tier (A&E, Major injury etc) each part of England will be in for hospitals over Christmas have been out for the past few days. But we haven’t known the actual time. Today Mr Hancock will make a statement to parliament on the NHS winter planning, and announce when those part of England will move into that tier.

What time is the tier announcement?. Health Secretary Matt Hancock will reveal which tier each part of England will be in for Christmas in a statement today. What time is the tier announcement?. Health Secretary Matt Holland will reveal which tier each part of England will be in for Christmas in a statement today. The NHS funding formula is expected to be unveiled by Health Secretary Matt Hancock today. The Premier is understood to be delivering a statement announcing a Cabinet reshuffle.

Good morning

Good morning and happy Tuesday to you. Hampshire residents are set to find out how the result of a Government review into the tier system will impact them. The current system sees 600,000 patients across England forced to wait more than four hours to be seen in accident and emergency while 1. 4 million more are dealt with inside four hours. Good morning. An independent commission is set to announce the findings of a review into the tiers in Hampshire and what they could mean for residents.

Tier review date pushed back

I'm sure many of you were expecting a tier list for the upcoming season, which is completely understandable. Currently my list is not even remotely close to ready as I have been doing research and testing on the different top tier characters more-so than ever; and with what I have learned it became apparent that a lot of my prior thoughts were flawed. That being said, I feel this time around (after 4 years of doing these tiers) that I've actually learned more about all the top characters in a single season than any other season in the past.

I wanted to let everyone know that based on feedback we've received we are moving forward with our plan to close the existing StarCraft II Wings of Liberty ladder, and transition players to a new StarCraft II ladder in the coming months. However, we'll be delaying the transition process until 2017 to allow more time for all of the regions to make this change and ensure they have ample time to do so without compromising their overall player experience.

It’s not often that 343 provides us with an extended timeline on dates, but today is an exception. This afternoon, after a few weeks of radio silence following the release of the recent update schedule, 343 has provided us with this insight into their thought process when it comes to reviewing tiers. Tier reviews are a hot topic within RoA (here’s mine from 6 days ago). But many members of the RoA community have been asking about the review date.

The date has now been revealed in two posts, as well as on the Tier thread. Below is a quick look at what is going on. First, I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to post a note in the thread that's been running for the past week on the Forums. A lot of discussion was had and it was clear you want more time with your tiers before they are touched again.

And, we agree. Tier 11 was originally announced to go into effect on April 1, 2017. However, this date has now been pushed back. Dungeons and Raids will receive a bump in difficulty in the month of May, but there is no estimate as to when it will be released at the moment. Good morning Europe. Hampshire residents are set to find out how the result of a Government review into the tier system will impact them.

Tier review results will now be happening tomorrow

The surprising announcement was made in the House of Commons by David Cameron. He has been criticised over the delay in releasing the results of a report on the tier and AS-levels. Last night an announcement had been expected, but it was delayed after a late plea from schools that wanted more time to argue their case that the lower level should be scrapped. The outcome of the review into the tier system will now happen tomorrow, the Prime Minister has confirmed.

The independent review was launched in October after concerns were raised about the implementation and possible inflexibility of the new tier system and saw councillors from all parties call for a rethink of the plans. The review into the tier system for the funding of higher education was announced in April, but has been delayed after protests and opposition to the proposals. The review called for submissions from any interested groups, with a closing date of Today.

The much anticipated review will happen no earlier than 3. 30 pm, with a statement to come from the Prime Minister at that time. The delay will hopefully give the tier system review more time, and also delay an angry blog post from yours truly. The government has announced the outcome of the tier review for insurance will be announced tomorrow, with a number of industry experts predicting premiums could fall as a result. Following the decision by the Cabinet to postpone this week’s meeting to make a decision on the future of the tier system, it will now take place tomorrow (Thursday) at 3pm.

More from PM on Christmas rules

Boris Johnson  has been speaking at a Downing Street press conference on his position for the next PM. Mr Johnson was asked about Brexit saying "I will go forward with the attitude we've taken in the past which is one of (making) solving problems, seizing opportunities. " Mr Johnson will be taking over from Theresa May as Britain's prime minister on Wednesday, 24th July 2019. Theresa May is setting new guidelines for ‘social action’ in a bid to create a more tolerant society and the environment secretary has said people who are putting up Christmas decorations must be sensitive to those who do not celebrate the holiday.

Here are more excerpts from what the Prime Minister has now said. (The full speech is here. ) (It's been a week since I can last post this article due to very busy schedule. ). Boris Johnson has been speaking at a Downing Street press conference about his new Brexit ideas. He explained a few of the changes which include. The chief whip has been asked to produce a list of grievances from Tory MPs who have been asked to vote in favour of a Brexit deal.